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Connect, simplify and take new paths! will support you by providing a platform that makes it easy to connect your veterinary practice, your company or your organization to your clients. It uses web applications that simplify your workflows, accelerate your business processes and allow you to take new paths in communication, exchanging content and working together with your clients. Connect to and take advantage of a platform that is unique in the world of veterinary medicine –

For vets,
practices and clinics offers you a variety of web applications to make your working day noticeably easier. With, you can connect with clients, colleagues and business partners through a simple and secure platform and share any content you like with them. All you need is a vetsXL-ID – your personal login to

Using your vetsXL-ID, you can create examination orders for your laboratories, teleradiologists or clinics handling transferred cases as well as examination forms for musculoskeletal, eye and heart examinations. You can also register animals, order products, upload records on the administration of antibiotics or send your insurance requirements. You will automatically be informed about laboratory results and findings thanks to our push service, and our communications tools enable you to send emails, text messages, images and videos to anyone who is connected to works on all browsers and can be integrated into all modern practice management systems, image management solutions and cloud or web-based applications using simple and standardized web services. Ask your provider about integrating so that you can use our web applications in your system too.

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For companies
and organizations connects you to vets, veterinary practices and veterinary clinics and helps you to make your products, services and applications simpler, more attractive and more efficient. We provide web applications, interfaces and invoicing services based on state-of-the-art standards and developed using the latest technology to make connecting to simple and safe.

You can benefit from over 15 years of experience in developing and providing web-based applications. We have developed a number of applications together with our partners and made them the leading software solutions in veterinary medicine. is now one of the largest and most comprehensive online platforms in veterinary medicine and is available in seven languages, reaching vets, practices and clinics across the world.

Our web applications are available to your clients regardless of which modern browser they use, and can be integrated into every practice management software solution, every image management system and many cloud or web applications using simple and standardized web services. This allows us to ensure that you can reach your target audience at all times.

If you would like to know how to connect your company or organization to and what advantages a connection to could bring you, simply call us or send us an email.

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Central platform (B2B)
Laboratory management
Communication and image transfer offers companies, organizations and service providers a central platform with standardized and secure connections between their existing IT systems and their clients’ software, cloud and web applications. This makes it easy to gain access to several thousand veterinary practices and veterinary clinics, and you can provide your products and services in a standardized and highly popular service. The diverse and flexible interfaces enable connections to almost all partners in veterinary medicine: animal medical insurance providers, animal registers, pharmaceutical companies, communications service providers, wholesalers, laboratories, teleradiologists, breeders’ associations, animal health services, expert reviewers, invoicing service providers, government bodies for antibiotic monitoring and other platforms such as VetEnvoy or

Veterinary practices can access the entire world with a single login – their vetsXL-ID. They benefit from direct integration into existing applications and can stay up-to-date with all web applications, products and services.

So far, has been used to download 13 million laboratory results, create 1.7 million laboratory orders, send 37 TB of image data, archive 910,000 HD and ED exposures, record 420,000 examination results on severe illnesses, register 220,000 animals and send millions of text messages and emails. A total of 32 laboratories send their results via, five laboratories use our web-based order management platform, 11 wholesalers and pharmaceutical companies offer purchasing services via, nine organizations manage their examinations of severe illnesses on, six animal health services have connected to for antibiotic monitoring, three teleradiological companies are partners of, and 11 animal registration bodies, eight insurers and three invoicing service providers are connected to In total, more than 85 companies and organizations and over 16,000 vets use – available in 28 countries and seven languages.
Hereditary disorders
Transfer management
Teleradiology is the leading platform for centralized recording, storage and analysis of examinations of severe eye, heart and musculoskeletal disorders in animals across Europe. Vets all over the world enter their examination results in and transfer their digital HD, ED, and OCD X-ray images and CT image sequences right to our platform. Expert reviewers, organizations and breeders’ associations evaluate the data, images and image sequences transferred using our specially developed online tools and can produce informative statistics and diagrams in just a few steps.

What began in 2004 with the development of the first online application for DOK, a Dortmund-based association for animal eye disorders, is now one of the most important and powerful areas of our platform. In addition to the DOK, the GRSK (an association for X-ray diagnoses of genetic skeletal disorders in small animals) and the heart specialists of CC (Collegium Cardiologicum), organizations in other countries and multinational organizations also use These include ECVO (European College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists), for which we developed a centralized database of anonymized analyses of eye examination results from across Europe, Lectures officielles DH/DC in France, and Fondazione Salute Animal (FSA) in Italy, which carry out their hip and elbow dysplasia examinations using and our easyIMAGE web viewer.

State-of-the-art specialist online applications are available for all examinations, none of which can be found anywhere else. There are modern web dialogues for recording examination results. These dialogues are easy to adapt and integrate into any existing practice management software. It includes intelligent online services for transferring digital HD, ED and OCD X-ray images and CT image sequences in DICOM format using drag and drop; this service can also be fully automated, and can process almost unlimited volumes of data. And there are powerful tools available for evaluation, which can be used to analyze any data, display it in a visual form, or export it for further processing.